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  • Historical Resources
    Sites News Texts + Scholars History of the Jews in Baghdad - David Sasson The Jewish Contribution to Iraqi Music Orit Bashkin: New Babylonians A History of Jews in Modern Iraq Impossible Exodus Ella Shoahat
  • Visual Arts + Cenima + Music + Lit + Food
    Visual Artists Micheal Rankowitz Camille Eskell Oded Halahmy Music La Falfula Yair Dalal Yoni Battat Turing Baghdad Tea Films Dove Flyer Remember Baghdad Lit American Parables- Daniel Khalastchi Memories of Eden - Violette Shamash My Father's Paradise - Ariel Sabar Wolf of Baghdad - Carol Isaacs Night & Day: Middle East- Samantha Ellis Food Awafi Kitchen - Annabel Rabiyah Mama Selma's Iraqi Cuisine The Vegan Iraqi Cookbook -- Dr Lamees Ibrahim
  • Links About Language of Iraqi Jews
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